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Twitter Swine Flu Humour from XKCD

Posted by workerthread on May 4, 2009

I felt I had to share this Twitter/Swine Flu cartoon from the wonderful XKCD



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Got Those CSS Curly-Bracket Blues

Posted by workerthread on October 17, 2008

A little Friday afternoon light relief for anyone struggling with a SharePoint re-branding exercise:


Got those H1 curly bracket property colon value semi-colon curly bracket blues…

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Some Project Management Links

Posted by workerthread on September 10, 2008

PM Meeting

A while ago Computer Weekly ran a UK Blog Awards poll which highlighted some good Microsoft blogs which I catch up with pretty regularly, for example Geek In Disguise from Steve Clayton.  The winner and second place in the project Management section were both new to me and well worth a look if you have any interest in this area:

The winner was A Girl’s Guide to Project Management from Elizabeth Harrin, as she puts it Trying to Stay OTOBOS (on time, on budget, on scope).  Elizabeth has also written a book called Project Management in the Real World, which I’ve just added to my reading list.

Second place in the Project Management blogs section was the Cranky Product Manager, described as “the fictional snarky alter-ego of a mild mannered software product management professional”.  I particularly liked the post on the 6 types of software engineer – identification, care and feeding.  I’ve definitely met these people!

On the SharePoint side of project management, there’s a book due in October from Dux Raymond Sy called SharePoint for Project Management which looks very interesting – I will post more on this when I get hold of a copy.  I certainly find that for many who need to manage project tasks, milestones and issues SharePoint is a good place to start, as often tools such as Microsoft Project, can be a little too “fully featured” for a lot of people.

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