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Checking Your SQL Server Jobs

Posted by workerthread on August 12, 2009

Far too frequently I go to a client site, take a look at their SQL Server setup and notice that one or more of their SQL Server scheduled jobs is failing.  Now we all know that job monitoring should be part of a DBA’s daily checklist, but still things seem to get missed, particularly if there are multiple servers to monitor, a stream of user departments asking for assistance, etc etc.   Not good, especially if the job is a critical operation and you only find out when you need to do a restore.

So I often suggest that they download SQL Job Manager from Idera.  This is a free tool which lets you set up a single view of all jobs running on your SQL Server installations and very quickly see/fix any failure or contention problems.  Well worth a look.

And if you are doing SharePoint admin, they have a free SharePoint Performance Monitor as well.


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