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Bing vs Google

Posted by workerthread on June 4, 2009

Since the launch of Microsoft’s Bing “decision engine” I’ve noticed quite a few bing URLs cropping up in the referrer stats for this blog.  I thought it would be interesting to take an example of one of these referred searches, in this case “add pdf ifilter to sharepoint” and see how it fares with results from Bing and from Google.

Blackdog has a neat split-screen page where you can type a your query into one place and compare the Bing and Google results side by side.   So I tried this –

The Bing search returned one of my blog posts in fourth place, as you can see here:

Bing Search Result

And Google returned it in third place:

Google Search Result

Interestingly though, I’m currently seeing more referrals from Bing.  Maybe Bing users need more PDF iFilter Info…

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