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StickySorter Free from OfficeLabs

Posted by workerthread on November 28, 2008

The idea of affinity diagrams is by no means new and it gets used in lots of different areas as a way of organising thoughts and ideas during a brainstorming session.  All you need is a whiteboard and a whole pile of sticky or Post-it notes, and you can begin putting things together:

The big problem with this is when your team all want to take the final product away with them, and all you’ve got is a wall full of sticky notes.  Well now you can download a nice free tool from Microsoft Office Labs called StickySorter that lets you create your affinity diagrams on your PC.  It’s a fairly simple tool, but quite useful in a brainstorming session if you have a laptop and a projector:

I can see this being quite useful for stuff like SharePoint site and metadata/taxonomy planning.  The diagrams are saved in .csv format, so you can also start with a simple Excel-created list and import that into your diagram.


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