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SnagIt – I LoveIt

Posted by workerthread on August 20, 2008

I make a fair amount of screen-capture images, for documentation, training notes and presentations.  Until recently was using any one of Alt-PrtScn, screen clippings in OneNote, and the Vista Snipping Tool, depending on which computer I was using and whether I needed to capture a Window or screen area.

A few months ago I spent $49.95 on SnagIt from TechSmith and was very impressed with what it could do – not only capturing windows, areas and menus but also capable of capturing the entire contents of a scrollable Internet Explorer window.  More recently I upgraded to Snagit 9.0, which also features an excellent version of SnagIt Editor with an auto-store feature, as you can see below (SnagIt also lets you add the special effects by the way):


This makes it really simple to capture a set of shots for training notes or manuals as the captures can easily be stored and categorised.  It’s a real time saver if you are involved in software or web site testing and need to illustrate bugs or other problems while you work through the test plan.  Highly recommended.


2 Responses to “SnagIt – I LoveIt”

  1. Nice overview of Snagit.

    I can only but agree 🙂


    PS. It’s a hassle to be forced to login to comment…

  2. Sorry about login hassle, now fixed


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