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SharePoint Infrastructure Update – So Far So Good

Posted by workerthread on August 2, 2008

The Office Servers Infrastructure Update was released in mid-July, rolling up a large number of fixes as well as making the Search Server Federated Search stuff available to MOSS 2007 users.  I’ve done a couple of installs on virtual servers and test servers and so far the updates haven’t given any problems.

The new search options, including an updated search administration dashboard look very good.  The Enterprise Search blog has good coverage of these here.  I have noticed an performance improvement as well – certainly pages seem to be coming up more rapidly.  Since the initial release, some information has emerged about possible problems in SharePoint Farms using Alternate Access Mapping and with a reverse proxy or load balancer.  Joel Oleson has a post mentioning this here and it’s now also mentioned in the known issues section of KB951695.  For this reason it’s probably best to hold fire if you are using MOSS in this type of extranet scenario.

Other points worth noting:

Paul Culmsee spotted that in the Deploy Software Updates document on TechNet, there is a section stating “To ensure that you have the correct permissions to install the software update and run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard, we recommend that you add the account for the SharePoint Central Administration v3 application pool identity to the Administrators group on each of the local Web servers and application servers and then log on by using that account.”  Not sure if this is new guidance – in the past I’ve applied updates while logged on as the install account, normally a local administrator with dbsecurity and dbcreator rights on SQL Server.

Corey has a post which says that the Infrastructure Update fails if the server’s HOSTS file is missing.   And another where he’s spotted that the search results page loses a horizontal line separating description and URL, together with a CSS fix.  Not a big problem to me but it might be to some I guess.

I will post again on this if I come across any new issues.

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