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Trying Out Microsoft Servers With Virtual Hard Disks

Posted by workerthread on July 17, 2008

I’ve posted before about various evaluation downloads available from Microsoft as Virtual Hard Disks – very useful if you want to try out a product without the need for doing a full evaluation install on one of your own servers.   There is now a single page on the Microsoft TechNet site which lists all of the VHDs available for download.   Take a look at Run IT on a Virtual Hard Disk to see what’s available.  Current offerings include Office SharePoint Server and Professional, Search Server Express 2008, Exchange 2007, ISA Server 2006 and lots more.

One point to bear in mind – Microsoft VHDs are normally configured with US settings and for a US keyboard.  So the @ character (often used in the login password) may not be where you expect if you have a non-US keyboard.


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