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Storing Your Data in the Clouds

Posted by workerthread on July 4, 2008

Cloud Computing is attracting lots of interest, particularly with the growth in applications that run online, so you can use them anywhere you can connect from.   Many, like Google Docs, and Office Live Workspace, are personal rather than business applications, but there are also well established business solutions that run in this space, such  Even BBC News has an article about Cloud Computing.

Lots of activity from Microsoft in this area as well, offering various hosted options for hosted Exchange, SharePoint and CRM.  And if you take a look at the session list for the Microsoft Professional Developers’ Conference coming up in October, you will see that many of the topics relate to Cloud Services, Data Services etc, so expect lots more announcements in the coming months.

I saw an article in Computerworld discussing Microsoft’s use of container-based systems in their data centres (or data centers if you prefer) and I was interested to see exactly how this worked and what the containers looked like.  I found some good information on the Rackable Systems web site.  They have the Ice Cube Modular Data Center, as you can see here:

Their stats say that these give up to 2,800 independent servers per container, and up to 22,400 processing cores.  They also say the cooling technology they use can give up to an 80% reduction in cooling costs compared to traditional data centres.  It’s worth taking a look at their site, where they have a picture gallery showing how the servers are configured inside a container.

But when speaking to clients, I get the feeling that the majority of them are still uncomfortable about trusting their organisation’s data assets to a hosted service.  I wonder what the uptake rate will be?


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