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SharePoint, Web 2.0 and Social Networking

Posted by workerthread on May 24, 2008 has an interesting article titled Understanding Microsoft SharePoint in a Web 2.0 World.  It discusses the Web 2.0 “Social Networking” capabilities of SharePoint, which can provide a “Facebook for Business” when the My Sites capability is put to good use.  When I demonstrate SharePoint, the My Sites capability is something lots of people get excited about (although not everyone – some people still find the thought of introducing it very scary).

I think if implemented properly, this type of Social Networking capability can add real value for organisations where knowledge management and discovery are important.   The article also mentioned NewsGator Social Sites for SharePoint, new to me, but definitely worth a look.  I’ve only ever thought of NewsGator as a company involved in RSS feed readers, but I can see that Social Sites could prove very useful.

You can get more information on Social Sites by registering here, and there is a short video demo available as well.


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