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Some Good Reads on SharePoint Project Planning and Governance

Posted by workerthread on April 12, 2008

Because it’s actually quite easy to install Office SharePoint Server or Windows SharePoint Services, it’s also easy to skimp on planning and preparation.  This week I noticed several articles which all provide useful pointers in their own way:

First, Mark at End User SharePoint has posted an article on Five Ways to Manage a SharePoint Site Collection with SharePoint.  And if you subscribe to their weekly newsletter you will be able to download a Site Collection Management diagram soon.

Mark also mentions another good post from Andrea Kalli titled Top 20 Ways to Use SharePoint Effectively.

Robert Bogue has written a piece for the Intranet Journal called SharePoint Site Collection Governance.  Again, a topic well worth thinking about and planning before starting your new implementation.

Paul Culmsee at Clever Workarounds has a new post called Why Do SharePoint Projects Fail which can also be played as a drinking game 🙂

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