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A Good SharePoint Book for End Users

Posted by workerthread on March 31, 2008

This weekend I got a chance to look properly at a new book from Robert Bogue called The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users.  Robert has done a good job putting together a set of scenario-based “how-tos” for end users, covering the SharePoint tasks they might want to accomplish during the working day. 

Note this is definitely not a book for advanced users or administrators, or those wanting to use SharePoint as a development platform.  A very good resource for day to day users though.  Robert has put together a SharePoint based web site for the book which you can see here and I notice that the book is available in various forms for corporate licensing – it would make a really good handout for those delivering end-user training.

You can by the book from at the moment, although Robert expects it to be available on Amazon soon.  Lulu are a “print on demand” organisation so if you order the book, chances are it won’t be despatched the same day.

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