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SharePoint Branding Tool from SharePointSix

Posted by workerthread on March 21, 2008

Douglas Leung has come up with a little tool to let you change the theme, site logo or master page on multiple SharePoint sites.  If you have ever had to run through a large set of existing sites to make these changes you will know it’s quite tedious.  The tool that Douglas has developed looks like it will make this job a lot easier.  What’s quite nice is that you can filter the sites you want to re-brand by filtering by the theme they are already using, and he says it works with MySites as well.

More information here and the download is here. #

Update 24 March – Douglas has posted a newer version, screenshots and download link here.

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One Response to “SharePoint Branding Tool from SharePointSix”

  1. Carl said

    There is another SharePoint Branding Tool:

    Very easy to use!!


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