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More on PDF IFilters with WSS 3.0

Posted by workerthread on February 26, 2008

I came across another useful post on this subject from ServerGrrl, which you can read here.

In my earlier post on the subject, I referenced the downloadable version 6.0 IFilter. ServerGrrl’s post makes the point that PDFs created with later versions of Acrobat, or other PDF generators, may not be picked up with the version 6 IFilter, and she gives instructions for using the version 8.0 Acrobat Reader instead. The instructions given are pretty similar to my earlier post, except for the CLSID you need to use.


3 Responses to “More on PDF IFilters with WSS 3.0”

  1. ravie14 said

    Version 8 filter works. However, there are some registry changes in addittion to ver. 6 needed.
    Works in MOSS as well.

  2. Good – What were the additional registry changes?

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