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Creating RSS Feed Web Parts for WSS 3.0

Posted by workerthread on February 11, 2008

Although MOSS 2007 includes an RSS feed web part as standard, you won’t find this functionality on a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 installation.  This is a shame, because it’s a good way to surface news onto a site’s home page.  Over the past months I’ve set up client sites with feeds to Yahoo News and Windows Live searches, BBC travel news, and London Tube delays.

I’ve found a couple of ways to do this using WSS 3.0.  First, there is an excellent post from Gunnar Peipman using the XML Web part.  Alternatively, you can try, where you can enter the feed url and some other options, and it will generate a web part for you (after which you need to upload to the site’s web part gallery).  I’ve found SharePointRSS to be a little bit too fussy sometimes about how the feed URL is constructed sometimes, but worth a look.

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2 Responses to “Creating RSS Feed Web Parts for WSS 3.0”

  1. i just found on another blog, tried it and its awesome. very useful and easy.

  2. Hamish said


    Gunnar’s version works perfectly!

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