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CopyTimer – Measure SharePoint Performance

Posted by workerthread on November 28, 2007

Sean Kelley from the Microsoft SharePoint Online Services Group has created a little utility called CopyTimer.  This can be downloaded from CodePlex, and allows you to test file upload and download performance in SharePoint by configuring it to automatically upload and download test files and review timed results.  These results are stored in a SharePoint list which is created for you but could also be exported to Excel for further analysis.

I can see this coming in useful if you have SharePoint users connected at different speeds, for example if you have some locations coming in on a slower connection, or perhaps in different countries.  Sean shows how you might use CopyTimer here.

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One Response to “CopyTimer – Measure SharePoint Performance”

  1. Jono D. said

    Have being testing CopyTimer with aptimize and the combination is rocket fuel. Thanks

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