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Adding Memory to a Dell Latitude Laptop

Posted by workerthread on June 21, 2007

I’m not an early adopter as far as operating systems are concerned, so I’ve just got around to setting up a laptop with Windows Vista Business.  Because I need to run Virtual Machines on the laptop I decided to go for a full 4GB of memory and to install this myself.

I don’t know how this compares with other laptop brands, but Dell Latitudes have two memory sockets, one underneath, which is fairly easy to get to an another under the keyboard!  so this means that to get to that one, you have to remove the hinge cover, then completely remove the keyboard, just to replace a memory module.

Some nice person has fully documented this procedure on the NotebookReview website here, and this helped a lot.  But I must say that having done this once, I’m not keen to repeat the process in a hurry. 

Oh and Dell’s documentation recommends using a plastic scribe to remove the hinge cover.  As you can see from this thread they’re not easy to come by.

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