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Mike Gunderloy – Stepping back from Microsoft

Posted by workerthread on May 28, 2007

Mike Gunderloy’s Daily Grind post on his Larkware News site has for me always been a really useful resource.  I’ve found many developer tools, whitepapers, links etc here which otherwise I just wouldn’t have come across.  Mike has been around in the developer world for a fair amount of time, writing and consulting on topics such as Access, Visual Basic, database development etc.  He also wrote a book called Coder to Developer which is worth reading.  When he’s not involved with software, he also runs a farm !

Recently, I’ve noticed a lot less stuff going up on the Daily Grind.  It turns out that the reason for this is that Mike is trying a one year experiment where he weans himself off Microsoft developer tools and tries out some of the other stuff out there – particularly Ruby and the Rails framework.  He explains what he’s doing here, and now puts a daily posting up on A Fresh Cup.  Mike is not alone in his experiment – I’m beginning to see a lot of interest in Ruby on Rails and other opensource platforms – Scott Hanselman’s post called Is Microsoft losing the Alpha Geeks is also worth a read.

Last November I did a presentation to the UK Access User Group on developer trends, and covered some of the areas that I thought application developers (particularly those who were making a living from Access) should look at.  One of those was Ruby on Rails.  When I went to the May user group seminar, I was quite surprised by the number of attendees who told me that they had been looking at Ruby on Rails, and even been on training courses. 

And at the MIX 07 conference, Microsoft announced Iron Ruby, a Dynamic Language Ruby implementation for the .Net Framework…

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