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Consumer Technologies in the Corporate Environment

Posted by workerthread on January 17, 2007

Sharon Richardson posted an interesting piece on her Joining Dots blog which took me to an article in the Economist about the impact of consumer techologies (some of Google’s offerings for example) on the corporate IT space.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and noticed when talking to clients.  Business users have higher expectations than ever before, some of which is down to the fact that they are using web applications to find houses, research and book holidays, manage photo albums etc.  So if it’s that easy to do this stuff online at home (or possibly at their desk), they expect the business software that they use to work just as easily and quickly.

This is certainly reminiscent of the early PC days, when what were originally consumer devices started invading the corporate workspace.  Even before the advent of the IBM PC, I can remember people sneaking the odd Apple II with Visicalc into the office (more than one of which replaced an IBM timeshare service).

PS – Sharon’s latest post on creating a SharePoint OurSpace is also worth a read.  I’m interested to see where this goes.



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