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Gathering MOSS

Posted by workerthread on October 9, 2006

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (or, as you will see it refered to in many blogs, MOSS 2007) is generating a huge amount of interest, with many organisations opting to go straight to the 2007 version for new deployments, even though it is still in beta.

MOSS 2007 addresses a whole new set of business areas which go way beyond previous SharePoint versions, including creation of business intelligence dashboards, much improved workflow capabilities, and fully browser-based InfoPath forms.

One of the most interesting aspects is the incorporation of Enterprise Content Management (Content Management Server will no longer be a separate product).   There are already several web-facing sites out there which have been developed in MOSS 2007, including HedKandi and (unsurprisingly) the site for the European SharePoint Conference 2007).   If you take a look at the SharePoint Conference site you will also see how the InfoPath Forms server is being used for the registration process.

I think SharePoint 2007 is going to take off very quickly – well in advance of Office 2007.  I really like a lot of what is in Office 2007, but for many large users an Office version upgrade is not something to be entered iinto lightly (which probably explains why there are still so many Office 2000 users out there).


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